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Active Shooter and Active Threats Training for Security Professionals

Description: The Active Shooter and Active Threats Training Course will serve as a learning tool to help secure the highest chance of victim and responder survivability through situational awareness and practical security methods. Active shooter training is designed to be applicable to the work that security professionals do to protect and secure buildings, private and public sector organizations, communities (e.g., places of worship), schools, and stand-alone and special-use facilities in the United States.

Course Objectives: This course is designed to define and examine the profile of an active shooter, and to study past active shooter situations, traits, and tactics. We will review the lessons learned from these past situations, and examine the active shooter response plan. We will define terrorism and counterterrorism, and understand hostage barricades, mental disorders, and situational awareness. We will understand how modern-day security and protection can influence social, economic, and cultural forces in our society and communities at the local, state, and national levels.

Outcome: Security professionals will learn how to take proactive and preventive measures that can help prevent violent incidents or acts of terror in the workplace. They will acquire tools and techniques that help identify threats, and minimize bodily harm or injuries, and the destruction of property, and when necessary, save lives. The Protect and Secure Training Course will enhance and improve security professionals’ skills, knowledge, abilities, and overall job performance. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion when they successfully complete the course.

Benefits of Continuous Training: Continuous training can help improve your ability to fulfill your security professional responsibilities and duties. It will help you acquire tools and techniques that can prepare you for a profession in security in the twenty-first century. It may enhance your likelihood of being considered for promotions and upward mobility.

Registration Fee:  $65


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