About Us
Protect and Secure (PAS) is a leader in specialized remote-learning and online courses for law enforcement, first responders and security professionals. Our training and development prepare our students for the challenges of 21st century policing and security. 

Gary Goines, Director of Training
Gary Goines, is one of the few world experts with extensive experience in law enforcement, dignitary/executive protection, domestic/international terrorism, vitimology and criminal profiling. He specializes in domestic/international law enforcement and security professional training and research and is the co-founder of Protect and Secure LLC.

He has over 29 years of academic experience in psychology, criminology, and criminal justice. Currently serves as an Adjunct Professor and Forensic Psychologist at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. There he specializes in police psychology and serves as the Lead Law Enforcement consulting Professor in the Forensic Psychology Department and currently teaches “The Psychology of Law Enforcement”, “Hostage Negotiation”, “Violence and Risk Assessment”, “Social Psychology and Aggression” and “Psychology of Terrorism” courses. He has done extensive research on the profile and behavior pattern of an Active Shooter, and studying violent offenders.

Mr. Goines, is a retired Supervisory Special Agent with over 30 years experience in Law Enforcement with the United States Capitol Police. He was assigned to Speakers of the House and other Congressional leaders.

He has provided Active Shooter Training and Certification for Federal Government Agencies and top U.S. Security companies. Conducted active shooter workshops for Homeland Security Meetings in Bristol County, Massachusetts and local Government agencies, Universities, and Colleges.  He has provided numerous Continuing Education Credit workshops for Psychologists and other professions under the American Psychology Association for Workplace Violence (Active Shooter/Active Threat) Presentations.  All PAS courses provide psychology principles and tools to enhance law enforcement, first responders and security professionals’ job performance and safety.

Mr. Goines’s law enforcement career consists of being assigned to the Containment Emergency Response Team (CERT) as a Hostage Negotiator and Team Assaulter.  He is a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Certified Instructor.  Currently serving as one of the lead instructors at the U. S. Capitol Police (USCP) Academy.  He is also a Certified Instructor for The Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC). Currently serves as a USCP Trustee of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Washington, DC Lodge #1, an active member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), The American Psychological Association (APA), and The Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

Martin Petty, Program Coordinator 

Our Mission
The mission of Protect and Secure is to face head on the challenges of policing, security, and terrorism in the 21st century. PAS continuous learning development and training courses focus on a commitment to excellence and strives to empower those in law enforcement, security, and emergency professionals. Provide Psychological tools that will help build and develop SKA’s (Skills, Knowledge, and Ability) which can improve decision-making and problem-solving capabilities in the workplace environment and community.

The Goals of Protect and Secure
Our Goal is to build stronger, more proficient and better equipped law enforcement and security agencies throughout the USA and around the world. Help improve the job performance of those in law enforcement and build better community relationships between police officers and the citizens they have sworn to protect and serve. Develop diversity and cultural tools that will unit communities and bring about a more tolerant and safer environment in which to live and work.