Police Mental Wellness

Training Course

Police Mental Wellness for law enforcement and first responders

Description: The Police Mental Wellness Training Course goal is to serve as a learning tool to prepare law enforcement and first responders for mental and psychological trauma they will encounter in this profession. This course will promote identifying stress management and coping skills,  and understanding the psychological risk factors associated with law enforcement. The course will review understanding the warnings signs and pre-indicators for those traumatized by job related crisis incidents. The course will review PSTD, Police Suicide and other mental disorders. We will address law enforcement and first responders lack of preparation for the many psychological challenges they daily encounter and provide some defense mechanism. This training will focus on self-resiliency and the development of protective factors, a social support system and be aware of law enforcement suicide resources. We will examine the influence of social, economic, and cultural forces on the evolution of modern-day psychology of law enforcement principles.

Course Objectives: The course Objectives includes; discussing, understanding, and managing trauma, crisis intervention, coping, and peer support program, utilizing resilience, protective factors, family life, suicides, PTSD, COVID-19, and public resentment towards law enforcement. Students will learn how these diverse and unpredictable forces shape law enforcement’s future in the United States.

Course Price:  $35.00

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