Bias-Based Prevention and Criminal Profiling Training

Training Course

Bias-Based Prevention and Criminal Profiling Training

Description: The law enforcement role and function consist of contacts that involve interacting with citizens of all different cultures.  A law enforcement officer must display the proper situational awareness skills, tactical awareness skills, and cultural competency.  Additionally, the officer must present the skill, knowledge, and ability to recognize and identify those warning signs and pre-indicators of those individuals that pose a threat to themselves, the officer, and citizens.  Finally, the officer must remember and become familiar with the Fourth Amendment Rights in understanding the differences between a contact, stops, frisk, and searches.

Course Objectives:  Discuss and identify officers’ situational and tactical awareness skills, bias-based policing, criminal profiling, cultural competency and recognizing and identifying the difference between a contact, stop, frisk and search. Students will learn how these diverse and unpredictable forces can shape law enforcement’s future in the United States.

Course Price:  $35.00

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